💸Withdraw ETH

Every good trader takes profits!

That's why Starbot's Withdraw ETH feature is essential for securing your gains. You can Withdraw ETH to your favorite exchange, hardware wallet, or to any other wallet address.

The Withdraw ETH feature can be found on the Portfolio page.

How to Withdraw ETH

  1. Specify the amount to withdraw. You can specify this in number of ETH (0.1 ETH, 2 E, etc), or in USD value (50 usd, $500, etc), or as a percentage of your ETH balance (10%, 100 pct, etc).

  2. The amount and unit mentioned above must be followed or preceded by a valid Ethereum wallet address. Make sure to double check if the destination address is correct!


1e 0x123abc... - Withdraws 1 ETH to the specified address.

$500 to 0x123abc... - Withdraws $500 worth of ETH to the specified address.

0x123abc... 25% - Withdraws 25% of your ETH balance to the specified address.

Stay Safe

To reiterate, make sure to double check your destination Ethereum address before confirming your transaction. Transactions are irreversible! They are also subject to Ethereum gas fees.

Starbot team members will never ask you to withdraw your ETH! Now, let's find out how to Manage Wallets.

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