🪜STAR Tiers

STAR holders enjoy revenue share based on their tier, commission fees from their referrals, and other attractive perks!

By increasing your STAR Token holdings and achieving higher STAR Tiers, you receive revenue share bonuses, leading up to a 4X Revenue Share Bonus for our most prestigious Diamond Tier.

Getting a higher STAR Tier is also essential for Affiliates, as you will earn a commission of up to 50% of trading fees from Starbot users who used your referral link.

Two massive perks in one!

STAR Commanders

STAR Commanders are heroes of the community. On an individual basis, some users may be granted the STAR Commander title and advance to the Diamond Tier, even without owning the required amount of tokens. This will be based on achieving a certain number of referrals and/or trading a certain amount of volume using Starbot. For the purposes of rev share, the proportion a STAR Commander receives is still dependent on the amount of STAR they actually hold, though they do get the Diamond Tier bonus.

More details will be shared once the STAR Commander program launches.

Now, let's learn more about Affiliates.

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