I have enough ETH in my wallet but Starbot does not let me trade. Why is that?

This is usually due to gas issues, and it may mean that you actually do not have enough ETH in your wallet.

A transaction usually takes about 250k "gas units". Sometimes, it can take up to 350k gas units, depending on how busy it gets. This means that you need to have enough ETH in your wallet so that Starbot can spend up to 350k gas units, even if it does not actually do so!

To keep it short and simple: It is necessary to have a bit of extra ETH in your wallet.

How does Starbot on Ethereum work?

Starbot on Ethereum allows you to trade DeFi tokens from within your Telegram app. You don't have to use Metamask or other wallet apps, connect it to Uniswap or other decentralized exchanges, having to adjust the settings and slippage, and it offers protection from frontrunning bots. Starbot was made from scratch by our expert developers and is developed entirely in-house!

How does Starbot Demo Mode work?

Starbot Demo Mode is a free to use version of Starbot using a "fork" - in other words, a copy of the real Ethereum blockchain. We've given you 2 ETH of play money, so you can test Starbot to your liking before you start trading for real.

How can I manage multiple wallets in Starbot?

Visit the Manage Wallets section to create, import, rename, or disconnect wallets.

Can I import an existing wallet into Starbot?

Yes, you can import your existing wallet by entering its private key in the Manage Wallets section.

Why doesn't Starbot use mnemonic phrases?

We made the decision to only show a wallet's private key on generation, as Starbot only generates one key each time. One mnemonic phrase is able to generate multiple private keys.

From a security perspective, it is safer to not show the mnemonic phrase to avoid people from creating more wallets from it.

What are the benefits of the STAR token?

STAR Token holders receive revenue share from trading fees. Increased holdings and STAR Tiers lead to greater revenue share bonuses.

Starbot Affiliates earn commission from their referrals' trading fees, up to 50% for the highest STAR Tiers.

Why is the STAR token contract not renounced?

To facilitate any necessary changes as the Starbot project progresses, such as changing the token trading tax or improving the code used for the smart contract, we will never renounce the STAR Token contract.

Why is only 80% of the liquidity locked for 1 year?

We've locked 80% of our liquidity in Uniswap, so that we can use 20% of our liquidity if a good exchange offers to list the STAR Token. For more info, check Tokenomics.

Where can I buy STAR?

The best way to buy the STAR Token is directly through Starbot to benefit from automatic slippage settings and protection against frontrunning bots.

What are the STAR Tiers, and how do they affect revenue share?

STAR Tiers determine the percentage of revenue share and referral commissions for token holders.

Accumulate the STAR Token to get a higher STAR Tier. This will give you more revenue share and greater referral commissions.

How are transaction fees distributed within Starbot?

Fees are first distributed to affiliates, then the remaining 25% goes to project and team funding while 75% goes to the Revenue Share pool.

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