Starbot Affiliates receive commission from the 1% trading fees coming from their referrals, before these fees are sent to the Revenue Share Pool. Being an Affiliate is rewarding!

Affiliates can receive up to 50% of the trading fees from each user they've referred, depending on their STAR Tiers. Everyone can create a custom referral link which does not show your wallet address.


Example 1 (Bronze)

Harry finds out about Starbot and buys a small bag of STAR tokens, which places him in the Bronze STAR Tier.

He then invites his friend to sign up to Starbot with his affiliate link. His friend transacts $1000 using Starbot.

A 1% fee is charged on each transaction made with Starbot, so 1% of $1000 is $10. Since Bronze STAR holders receive 25% of fees, Harry gets $2.50 in commission.

Example 2 (Platinum)

Seeing the potential, Harry accumulates STAR tokens and reaches the Platinum STAR Tier.

He then invites 10 of his X followers to sign up. They transact $10,000 each using Starbot, leading up to a total of $100,000 in volume.

1% of $100,000 is $1000, and since Platinum STAR holders receive 37.5% of fees, Harry gets $375 in commission.

Example 3 (Diamond)

Eventually, Harry becomes a KOL and starts his own trading group on Telegram. He also accumulates enough STAR tokens for the Diamond STAR Tier.

Harry endorses Starbot and invites 100 crypto traders from his group to start using it. They transact $25,000 each using Starbot, leading up to a total of $2,500,000 in volume.

That's $25,000 in fees, and since Diamond STAR holders receive 50% of fees, Harry receives $12,500 in commission.

DISCLAIMER: These examples are purely hypothetical, and in no way offer a guarantee of achieving certain rewards.

It's not possible for us to predict how much volume will be transacted using Starbot, and how much of that will be shared with STAR Affiliates as commission. This depends on various factors outside of our control, such as our STAR Affiliates' efforts to onboard active Starbot users.

A guide on how to become an Affiliate will be added to this Gitbook soon.

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