💻Trade Terminal

The Starbot Trade Terminal is where all your trading needs are met.

To start trading, simply paste a token address in your chat with Starbot, or forward a message containing a token address to it and Starbot will auto-detect the address. You can find addresses for your favorite ERC-20 (Ethereum) tokens from various sources, such as www.coingecko.com, www.dextools.io, Telegram groups, X tweets, etc.

Please note that each transaction made with Starbot incurs a 1% fee. For more details, check out our page STAR Token.

Once you've pasted a token address in your chat with Starbot, you should see a message that looks like this:

  1. Buy or Sell your desired amount in ETH

  2. If you want to Sell, you'll need to click Approve first and then Sell. This is not required for buying

  3. You should then see the following messages:

When you get the "Transaction SUCCESS" message, that means you have successfully bought or sold this token!


Make sure to use Starbot's Chart feature to check out the latest chart for this token. This can be done right from within your Telegram app!

Next, let's see how to adjust your Settings.

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