STAR Token

The STAR token is your ticket to Starbot's generous revenue share and referral commission.

STAR token address: 0x6953f27dB0701E22616e701DbA91acC2E4B6DecA

Open in: Starbot Demo | Starbot on Ethereum | Etherscan | Dextools | Dexscreener

The best way to buy STAR tokens is directly through Starbot! Starbot will take care of all slippage settings for you and protect you from frontrunning bots.

Benefits for STAR holders

A flat fee of 1% is charged on each trade made with Starbot.

First, any commission rewards for affiliates are taken from this 1% fee and distributed directly to the corresponding Starbot Affiliates.

Then, 15% of the remaining fee goes to the Starbot team, 10% goes to the marketing/operations wallet, and the remaining 75% of the fee goes to the Revenue Share pool for STAR holders!

Check out the Tokenomics to learn more about the STAR Token.

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